About Me and Buckwheat Tea

Picture of Lovina enjoying buckwheat teaHi, I'm Lovina! I'm a London-based mum of 2 and originally from India.

I grew up drinking buckwheat tea regularly in Japan, which is where I was born. Known as soba-cha, it's a tea that's widely consumed there, and is well-known for all of its health benefits and rich and pure taste. In fact, soba-cha is sometimes even served in place of water at some restaurants.

When I moved to London in 2005, I noticed that buckwheat tea isn't something that's stocked in most supermarkets here, and so I got accustomed to drinking other herbal teas - but I missed soba-cha so much! 

Not only did I miss it's soothing and familiar taste, but I could never find an equivalent tea to drink that ticked all the boxes.... Green tea has similar health benefits, but it contains caffeine and can get bitter so I couldn't drink too much of it. Fruity teas taste great, but I couldn't have more than just a cup at a time. And I love mint tea, but got tired of drinking it all the time. 

And so, I would always ask my mum to send me a few packs of buckwheat tea by post, and also, made sure I picked some up on my way back after visits back home... and I built up my own personal stash!

Over the years, I've enjoyed the tea at home with my family, and also have shared it with friends who have loved it.

I especially love having a pot after dinner, as it helps digest the food I ate and also in the longer term noticed that my skin has improved and I feel healthier overall! Also, I drank a lot of it through both of my pregnancies when I had to cut back on my caffeine.

About a year ago, I was having some buckwheat tea with my husband, and we were discussing how delicious it is and how it should become a staple here in the UK -  and that's when I had the idea of launching my own brand of buckwheat tea. In this process, I sampled over 20 different variants of buckwheat tea, before finding the perfect match to what I was accustomed to drinking.

Since buckwheat is a popular health food already, and we are a nation of tea lovers, I think it only makes sense to introduce all of you to this wonderful and powerful tea - I can't wait for you to try it!

- Lovina

PS. You can follow my journey and learn more about buckwheat tea on my Instagram page

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