Buckwheat Tea: A Healthy Brew for the Keto Diet


Buckwheat tea is an excellent drink to have whilst on a keto plan, and is seen as a nutritious and flavourful source of hydration.

The tea is made out of roasted buckwheat kernels, and is gluten-free (contrary to it's name, buckwheat doesn't contain any wheat).

It has a delicious nutty & almost cereal-like flavour, keeping your taste buds satisfied and happy! 

Buckwheat tea contains no carbohydrates or calories

Although buckwheat as a grain contains carbohydrates*, the tea itself does not absorb any of them, making it keto-friendly - allowing you to enjoy a warm, soothing drink without worrying about exceeding your daily limit. It's also suitable whilst fasting, as it contains no calories.

*buckwheat is a low-GI (glycemic index) carbohydrate, causing a smaller rise in blood sugar levels than other carbs like white bread, pasta, and rice.

Buckwheat tea is high in nutritional value

Buckwheat tea is high in various vitamins & antioxidants (including rutin, quercetin, and D-chiro-inositol), which are absorbed into the water when brewing the tea.  

One antioxidant in abundance is called rutin, which can help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body - this is very beneficial for keto dieters, as a high-fat diet may lead to increased oxidative stress.

The tea also contains essential minerals like magnesium & manganese, which are crucial for one's metabolic health whilst on a keto plan.

Supports healthy gut & digestive health

Buckwheat tea helps with digestion and supporting a healthy gut, as it contains fibre to help maintain regular bowel movements - it supports healthy and regular digestion, which is important on a keto diet.

Buckwheat is also significantly easier to digest compared to other more dense grains such as oats or quinoa. This is because buckwheat originates from the angiosperm plant, rather than a grain, and is minimally processed - giving it its famous nutty and earthy flavour.

Additionally, the gentle aroma and flavour of buckwheat tea can be calming on the gut, helping alleviate digestive distress.

Regulates blood sugar levels

Since buckwheat has a low glycemic index, it can help regulate blood sugar levels - this is crucial on a keto diet to avoid insulin spikes and crashes. It is also known to be help manage diabetes, which you can learn about more in this article.

Buckwheat tea is a healthy source of hydration

It's important to stay hydrated on a keto plan, especially since low carb intake can effect electrolyte balance - and buckwheat tea is a flavourful and healthy way to stay hydrated!


Buckwheat tea is a great addition to a keto diet due to its low carbohydrate content, high levels of antioxidants, and beneficial minerals. It supports overall health and can be enjoyed as a calming, nutritious and fulfilling beverage.

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