Buckwheat Tea, aka "Soba-cha"

A lot of us have heard of or tried the gluten-free grain buckwheat, but have you come across buckwheat tea before?

Created by roasting buckwheat kernels to perfection, the tea has similar health benefits to green tea, minus the bittterness or caffeine.

We describe its taste as subtly nutty with a smooth finish.

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  • "The best herbals teas"

    "Comforting and refreshing all at once. Who needs caffeine?" -Alice Lascelles, FT

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    "The smooth, mildly nutty tea is high in antioxidants, is said to have an immediate calming effect and helps aid digestion – right, someone put the kettle on."

The Benefits


Unlike green tea or genmaicha, buckwheat tea (also known as sobacha) contains no caffeine. This makes it a great tea to drink in the afternoon or evening.


Buckwheat contains no gluten - it actually comes from a plant and is a 'pseudo-grain,' making the tea 100% gluten-free.

Calming & Soothing

The subtle, nutty flavour of buckwheat is what promotes the feeling of calm and tranquility, especially in the relaxing state of a cup of tea. Not to mention that the tea contains magnesium, which helps one relax.

Helps with Digestion & Weight Loss

Buckwheat tea is high in dietary fibre, which helps support your digestive system - it's the perfect digestif after an indulgent meal! It also helps with IBS and bloating, as buckwheat contains insoluble fibre which moves smoothly through the digestive tract.

High in Antioxidants & Vitamins

Our buckwheat tea contains several vitamins and antioxidants, including Vitamin C, B1 and B2, and vitamin P (rutin - a powerful antioxidant!). It is made out of 'tartary' buckwheat which has many health benefits, specifically known for its high content of rutin - learn more here.


Rich in antioxidants like rutin and quercetin, buckwheat tea helps reduce inflammation by neutralizing free radicals and decreasing the production of inflammatory cytokines in the body.

Supports Heart Health

Buckwheat tea is excellent for heart health and improving blood circulation. It's full of antioxidants like rutin, which help strengthen blood vessels and improve circulation. Drinking buckwheat tea can also lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels, supporting overall cardiovascular health. It’s a tasty and healthy way to give your heart a boost!

  • "The taste is completely unique."

    I love this tea so much that I drink one bag all day - just keep filling my cup up with hot water. The taste is completely unique.

    -Zuza Zak, Polish Cookbook Authour

  • "I love the smell when it brews."

    "It’s my favourite! I love the small when it first brews. The whole family are now hooked"

    - Maria (Senior Buyer, Selfridges)

  • "Every day, multiple times a day."

    Smooth, nutty, calming and immensely satisfying. Every day, multiple times a day. Obsessed!

    - Nour Yakoob, Luxury Cake Designer

  • "Savoury & Smooth"

    "Rich, with a wonderful roasted character. This is a pleasant infusion, savoury and smooth."

    - Guild of Fine Food (Great Taste)

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The Face Behind the Tea

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