• A cup of buckwheat tea and it's key ingredient - roasted tartary buckwheat kernels - which blossom from the buckwheat flower

    Subtly nutty with a smooth finish - a delicious and fragrant cup of tea.

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Introducing you to t. buckwheat tea!

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When to drink buckwheat tea?

Buckwheat tea is caffeine-free, so you can enjoy it at any time of the day - morning, afternoon, or night. It has calming properties and helps with digestion, so is especially nice to have after a meal or just before bedtime.

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Rich, with a wonderful roasted character. This is a pleasant infusion, savoury and smooth. The cup appearance is bright and clean, with a sparkly yellow appearance. Quite unusual, and very enjoyable - would pair beautifully with Asian foods.

Guild of Fine Food (Great Taste)

"It's so good honestly. It's very subtle and it's very smooth."


"I love it! The smell is so comforting and it tastes great too."


"It's the perfect drink before bed!"


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